MASKOFF Apparel is an alternative lifestyle brand with it‘s beginning in 2020 and it‘s roots & idea in 2019.

Inspired by our love and passion for the skate, bmx, tattoo, metal, hardcore and alternative music scene. We´re trying to combine the heaviest and coolest styles out of all of these influences and to connet them into something new you already know in some ways. To re-create a vibe, we all know, feel, miss and love. Connecting with tattoo artists, Bands, Brands, suburban cultures and other creatives out of these scenes worldwide.

Always forward with modern, sharp and aggressive styles and our quality standards. This is more than just fashion. This is a movement, a community, a family, a safe space, a vibe! 

A place where you can be yourself! No matter which gender you are. No matter what kind of sexuality you prefer. No matter which skin color you have. We are here for everyone – except fascists.

We believe in connecting and helping people. Working together with different, non-profit organizations to make this world a better place for every individual. To bring back the moral and ethic standards, this scenes gave us in our early days.

Since we´re all responsible for this planet, we spend a lot of time on how to make our doing more sustainable and responsivle day by day, without committing in quality and fairness.

That´s why we invented our VA (violent aesthetics) Products, which are made in Europe. Sustainability by quality! With heavy garment, we want to make our products solid, to last for a long time and to give you the maximum of comfort without compromising in style.  

Every product is packed into recycled, compostable and/or recycable materials.

Stronger every day.

Convince yourself!

Join today. What are you waiting for?